You increase by 10 times your chances of finding all your belongings

1. Encouraging figures

A well-identified object has up to 10 times more chances than an unidentified object of being returned to its owner (see statistics).

2. Permanent identification

The sticknwizz are robust industrial stickers that won’t come off. Your objects remain identified on a permanent basis.

3. No risk of mistakes

No searching and no risk of error. There is no easier procedure for the finder to signal a lost object.

4. Instant reaction

You are alerted about the localization of your object mere seconds after the finder submits the code to our voice mail or web site.

5. Guaranteed anonymity

Your anonymity is guaranteed at all times. You remain unknown to the finder.

6. Simplicity

You make it as easy as possible for the person who finds your object to return it to you.


Good quality stickers that speak for themselves :

- The information on the stickers is attractive, clear and visible: the finder knows what he has to do to find you, and you remain anonymous at all time.

- Tough: the stickers are robust ,wear-proof and stick both to sleek and rough surfaces.

- Delivered in large quantities and in different sizes, the stickers are easy to apply.

A low price service :

- The statistics prove it: you loose at least 1 object each year, and more if you have children… With the first object, you will probably have covered your subscription fees, and if it is a coat, a watch or a suitcase you will definitely get your money’s worth! Not speaking of the nuisance avoided if it is a key case, a cell phone or a wallet.

- Cheap : it will be more expensive if you make the stickers yourself; moreover, homemade stickers are not robust.

- The subscription can be free for life if you become a sponsor (see sponsorship).

No headache for the finder :

- No paperwork, no going out of his way, no fees, only a few seconds to submit the code to our voice mail or web site.

- And if that’s too much, the finder can return it to the post office, to the train controller, to the police station, to the lost and found service of a department store… where someone will take the few seconds necessary because (in most countries) they have the obligation to do so!

Scared to make a phone call :

- You all know someone who is afraid to use his phone to contact a stranger. No more worries with sticknwizz: the finder will only have to use his computer or a voice mail system.

Easier steps for the lost and found services :

- With few exceptions, lost and found services do not have enough resources (and often not enough time!) to gather a lot of information to find the objects’ owners. Sticknwizz will make their job easier: in just a few clicks on our web site or a few seconds on our vocal mail. Easy as pie !

A fast and efficient service :

- An object is quite often found minutes after it has been lost. If the finder has access to a phone or Internet, you can be alerted of the loss of your object within seconds after the information has been sent through our voice mail or our web site, even before you have left the premises, speeding up the return of your object.

- The alert is forwarded simultaneously by email and SMS if you gave your telephone number when subscribing. This service is offered 24/7 and 365 days per year.

- The service is offered all around the world in 4 languages (other languages will soon be added). The finder has the choice of language when filing the code number; you are notified in your own language.

- No mistakes are possible: identification codes and information concerning the finder requires a double validation by him.

Guaranteed anonymity :

- Young children, single women, older people, businessmen, salespeople, no matter your age, your situation or your status, never leave visible information on your personal belongings that can lead to your identification. No matter their value, objects such as garments, telephones or laptop computers, keys, bicycles, confidential company documents,… must, in no case, divulge information concerning you or your company because you never know who can get their hands on it.

- Our service allows you to remain unknown to the finder. No information is ever available to the finder. Only you have his telephone number or his email in order to reach him, if you so wish, anonymously.

- Even the restitution of the object can be made anonymously (in a post office, at the police station, at the service counter of a department store,…)

- You are safe.

Improve your chances of finding your belongings as much as possible :

- An unidentified lost object has very little chance of being returned to its owner. A well-identified and lost object has, in general, 4 to 10 more chances of being returned to its owner. Depending upon their value, correctly identified objects have an 85% average return, with some values coming close to 100%. Quite often, unfortunately, the information is incomplete or erroneous, thus reducing the chance the object being returned to its owner. (See the statistics page for complete information).

- The Sticknwizz service gives you every possible means (visible information, complete and up-to-date, easy and immediate transmission of the information) of recovering your belongings.

A feeling of ownership and a civic gesture :

- We have conducted behaviour studies with 1000 people in three countries (France, Germany and Canada). When objects of low or average value are found (gloves, books, bags, umbrellas, sunglasses,…) nearly 15% of the people interviewed have indicated that simply the fact that an object is identified or not creates or inhibits a feeling of ownership towards the object. If the object is clearly identified as belonging to someone else, then it does not belong to me and I must return it! In doing so, I feel good about my civic gesture.

- On the contrary, very nice sunglasses, a very interesting book or an umbrella left on the table next to mine at the restaurant will become mine if the owner left incognito.

- Finally, the decision to return or keep the found object is quite often made within seconds. Clear identification will reinforce the person’s conviction, and an easy way to return the object after finding it will maintain it. How is this possible? Difficult ways of finding the owner can discourage even the most honest person who will think : “Too complicated, I’ll just keep it!”


News of the month

sncfSticknwizz in SNCF train stations

Did you know that luggage identification is mandatory on trains? 

Many travelers do not respect this rule. In order to help you, the SNCF offers packs of Sticknwizz labels in twenty of the largest train stations in France.

Further informations...

Frequent flyer

If you are a frequent flyer, you certainly know what it means to lose your phone, your passport, your luggage or your keys.marseilleprovence

This nightmare might be a thing of the past if you fly through Marseille Provence Airport and grab your Sticknwizz !

What are you waiting for ?

Marseille-Provence Airport Website

French Railways

SNCF You received a set of stickers in a French train station? Activate them here and start using them now!

You travel a lot and still have no SNCF-Sticknwizz? Go to the lost and found of your train station. They are available in all major cities in France.


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Football fan?

You want to show how much you like your favorite football team while your protect your important belongings from loss.pave-psg

Activate your PSG stickers here.


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